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Privacy Policy

This policy serves to inform how it is processed when DHP (personal data) is collected and stored as a necessary part of the work processes and conditions of cooperation in the SuperSport company.

This policy has been drafted pursuant to the obligations of Decision No. 6, dated 05.08.2013, Item 5 “On Determining Detailed Rules for the Security of Personal Data”.

A. How SuperSport uses personal data subject (DP) information.

This policy applies to information collected in relation to:

  • Subscribers [1] submit various requests to receive information due to their interest to benefit from the services provided by SuperSport (subscriptions, etc.) as well as when they file complaints regarding their allegations of violation of DHP them during processing by the controller.
  • Employment candidates [2] and former SuperSport employees [3].
  • Visitors [4] on the official website of SuperSport

B.SuperSport subscribers, employee candidates and former employees.

  • The subscribers, during the establishment of the contractual relationship with SuperSport, give their consent for the registration of their DHP, for their further processing and they guarantee that their completed DHP are accurate, true and updated. Furthermore, subscribers as subjects of DHP are responsible for updating the recorded data to ensure that the information is constantly and fully updated. DHP subscribers who give to SuperSport, sign a contract with SuperSport, through which they confirm their approval.
  • When a person applies for employment with SuperSport, the latter uses the information for the process of their selection and recruitment. When SuperSport requests info to disseminate DHP to a third party, for example, when SuperSport needs to verify a reference, or obtain some data from other relevant institutions, SuperSport does not make such an application without first informing the entities, by obtain approval only in cases where this information is required by law. Candidates for employment, give their prior approval in case SuperSport will verify their data. DHP in relation to candidates who are not selected their documentation is stored 1 month after application, while CVs are stored for 1 year and then destroyed or deleted.
  • When an employee is no longer employed by SuperSport, a file shall be prepared in relation to the period during which he has been employed. The DHP contained in it is kept safe and suitable for this purpose, where access is restricted to any other person, except the Archivist and the HR Specialist. These data are stored according to the deadline set by law

C. The right of access to DHP.

Various requests for information.

Subscribers as subjects of DHP have the right to request access to their data and to request that this data be corrected or updated in accordance with the requirements of Article 13 and 18 of Law 9887 dated 10.3.2008 «On the protection of personal data ».

SuperSport strives to be as open as possible to provide its subscribers with information in their personal data, especially for those cases where DHP subscribers are registered. They have the right to receive information if we keep their DHP by sending a written request.

In case SuperSport holds DHP, they will:

– A description of them is given;

– The reason why SuperSport keeps them is announced;

– Indicates where and when SuperSport can distribute these DHPs;

– A copy of the information is given in a comprehensible copy;

– Informed whether the issuance of DHP is mandatory or voluntary.

To obtain such information, for any DHP thatmSuperSport may hold, it is necessary to make a written request addressed to the contacts published on the official website of SuperSport (

Regarding the above, the Subscriber is informed at the moment of completing the contract of purchase of the product after the DHP are given voluntarily by the Subscriber at the time of purchase and are confirmed and written approval is given for them.

D. Propagation of DHP.

SuperSport guarantees that it has taken all physical, technical and operational measures to maintain confidentiality and protection against loss, destruction, damage or unauthorized distribution, in accordance with the requirements of Law No. 9887, dated 10.3.2008, “On protection of personal data »(amended), as well as in accordance with the requirements of the Information Security Standard ISO 27001: 2013 against which SuperSport is certified.

Personal data, collected and stored in the SuperSport database, will be processed by the employees in charge of processing, after the written consent has been given by the subscribers in the purchase contract), and also this data will not be transferred or communicated to third parties, except when consent has been given or when this information is required by the competent authorities by law.

Subscribers, as subjects of DHP, have the right to refuse consent at any time for the collection and use of their voluntarily notified data and to request the deletion of this data by exercising the right to terminate the contract concluded between the parties.

E. Complainants.

When a complaint is filed by a SuperSport subscriber, it is recorded in a separate register by a relevant employee who has previously signed the confidentiality statement.

 SuperSport uses DHP that collects only for the complaint review process and to control the level of services tha SuperSport provides. SuperSport maintains DHP contained in grievance files in accordance with SuperSport’s law and policy for the protection of DHP. They are kept in a safe environment and access to it is limited based on the principle “need to know and recognize”.

F. Visitors to the official SuperSport website and applications.

In the framework of using the official website,SuperSport and applications can directly collect DHP by filling in the online purchase forms for the purchase of subscriptions and related services offered by SuperSport, as well as in case of online requests to SuperSport which are registered in its systems or of the service providers authorized by it. Completion of these data is voluntary.

Also, through this official website and applications, SuperSport transmits information. The purpose of transmitting information via the Internet is for SuperSport to be as close as possible to its subscribers and to adapt as much as possible to their requirements.

Through the official website and applications SuperSport informs all its subscribers about the offers and various types of services that SuperSport offers as well as the various activities organized bynSuperSport, all this by presenting the responsibilities and fulfilment of legal obligations that SuperSport applies in connection with the collection and processing of DHP of its subscribers.

SuperSport applications collect data about the User and the use of the SuperSport service, interactions with us and our advertising, and data concerning the User’s network, network devices and computer or other devices on which he may have the SuperSport service and which he may use to access our service. This information includes:

– User activity during the use of the SuperSport  service, such as title selection, search queries

– Unidentifiable Device ID identifiers (known as ad identifiers) such as those on mobile devices, tablets, and streaming media devices that include such identifiers

– device and software features (such as type and configuration), connection information such as connection type (Wi-Fi, mobile), pageview statistics, referral source (e.g. referral URLs), IP addresses (which allow us to determine the general the location of the User)

– Information we collect through the use of cookies, web companions and other technologies, including information about the ad (such as information about the availability and delivery of ads, the URL of the page, as well as the date and time).

– search queries and commands that can be applied to SuperSport which are given by the User via the device

SuperSport uses cookies:

– Temporary cookies or session cookies, stored only during site visits

– third party cookies to obtain statistics on visits and use of our Service. The data collected includes the user’s IP address, Internet browser and operating system data, and other standard data collected and analyzed exclusively in anonymous and mass form.

SuperSport uses Google Analytics statistics, and for third-party cookie policies more at:

Certain SuperSport applications (iOS and Android Mobile and AndroidTV) use Google Firebase to improve the user experience, more at:

SuperSport makes no attempt to find out the identity of the visitors who visited the SuperSport website.

SuperSport does not use (and does not allow any third party) statistical analytical tools to track or collect personal information that makes visitors to its official website identifiable.

If SuperSport collects personally identifiable information through its website and applications,SuperSport makes clear to them when DHP will be collected and sets out precisely the criteria for changes to this DHP protection policy.

SuperSport updates this policy on a regular basis by assessing this privacy policy as fundamental and relevant toSuperSport’s business activity.

G. Information Security Policy.

SuperSport has adopted a process-based approach to creating analytical systems through records. These systems can be used to create intelligence for service development and research. Our overall goal is to:

– We structure and maintain our position as a “trusted partner” for potential customers and authorities who need to access the data of SuperSport JSC;

– We ensure that all our services are provided with the highest technical standards and proper ethics;

– Protect the information stored in SuperSport IT systems (financial and customer data).

– Implement an information security policy to maintain an uninterrupted service 99% of the time.

– Ensure business continuity and minimize business losses by preventing and minimizing the impact of security incidents.

– We maintain existing risks at current levels.

– We guarantee the highest level of information security through continuous improvement of processes and actions performed in the organization.

To help us achieve these goals, we have implemented an Information Security Management System. The structure of this system is defined in the Information Security Management System Manual and is implemented using a combination of policies, objectives and process documentation. Our management team is committed to working closely with our staff to develop and improve this system. As part of this commitment, we will:

– Use training and communication with all employees to ensure that this policy is understood and implemented;

– We place the Information Security Management System in the culture and daily practices of SuperSport  as a long-term commitment to continuously improve information security;

– Ensure that our information is managed by meeting the three principles of information security: confidentiality, integrity and availability;

– Ensure the availability of the necessary resources to maintain the Information Security Management System;

– Ensure that appropriate controls on information security are active;

– Ensure that new and changing risks are managed in a proper and professional manner;

– Ensure that we understand and comply with regulations and legal requirements that affect our work activity;

The Information Security Management System is reviewed at information security management system review meetings to ensure that it continues to be effective and applicable in the organization, seen from the perspective of its continuous improvement.

H. Safety measures for DHP

SuperSport is fully aware of the importance and sensitivity of personal data respects the security measures provided in Law No. 9887 dated 10.03.2008 “On personal data protection”. This is achieved through the use of modern techniques to maintain its databases and computer systems. SuperSport ensures that the transfer and registration of data is done with complete security measures in full compliance with the relevant legislation.

The official website of SuperSport may contain links to any other website for which SuperSport is not responsible for the content of these sites and advises you to read the relevant privacy policies for these sites. The terms of these sites differ from those of SuperSport. For more read on the SuperSport page, legal terms.


SuperSport reserves the right to change or modify this policy at any time, pursuant to any possible changes in the legislation in the field of personal data protection and privacy or its policies in accordance with the legislation in the territory.


The above policy is an accurate and complete information tool about your privacy issues in function of the services provided by SuperSport.

If you have questions, complaints / requests, or remarks about these issues, do not hesitate to contact us at:

    • Personal Data Protection Office;

[email protected]

    • Information Security Office:

[email protected]