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Terms of Use

A. Definitions and legal conditions

The site (“site”) is the exclusive property of DigitAlb JSC, based in Tirana, Albania (hereinafter referred to as “DigitAlb”).

Access to and research on the Site by Individual Users is currently free of charge and is governed by the acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth in these legal norms. The User agrees that the Site may be used for personal use by means of a computer or similar device providing links to the Site.

Supersport reserves all rights to set value in the future for accessing or researching the Site, the entire site or specific parts of it by nature, provided that Users are notified in advance of this paid service.

The user acknowledges and agrees that:

-Supersport reserves the right to modify the definitions and terms quoted in legal terms at any time and to communicate them to Users through a general notice posted on the Site.

– These modified legal terms will constitute the new modified terms that will provide access and research to the site.


B. Basic Concepts Used on the Site:

– Supersport: commercial company licensed as a digital satellite platform.

– User: any natural person or individual who accesses the Supersport Site by entering his domain.

– Page:


C. Intellectual property rights

Content of the site such as: titles, works, images, photos, dialogues, music, sounds, videos, texts and any other material in any format, but not only, menus (windows), web pages, graphics, colors, schemes, instruments, characters, design (drawings and the like), diagrams, layouts, methods, processes and / or software functions (individual and / or related content and / or related logos, trailers, sequences exclusive use of Supersport or in its exclusive use and in any case may not be used in any form or manner without the written consent of Supersport.

The user agrees that while using this Site will not: copy, modify, display, distribute, transmit / retransmit, sell, publish, transfer or make available information or services of this Site.

By agreeing to access this Site, the User agrees not to post prohibited, offensive, obscene, pornographic, intimidating, threatening, racist, discretionary, breach of privacy, infringement of intellectual property, copyright and copyrighted content. related, broadcasting rights, punishable and / or illegal in relation to the legislation in force.

Except when the page expressly provides or not, the content can be viewed and / or heard only in “Streaming” format. “Streaming” means the form of viewing and listening to content in real time and without the need and / or possibility of reproduction, temporary or permanent, distribution or redistribution, communication with the public or any other form of use of any form or way different from that of streaming defined above.

In the hypothetical case where the site will provide codes, links related to specific content, these codes may be used by users only for direct, personal or private use provided that this use is not made for direct or indirect commercial purposes or for profit goals.


Any use of the codes and / or content in violation of the limits set in legal terms or in any case contrary to the provisions of the law will be prosecuted by Supersport.

Supersport brands and logos, including the domain name “” and “” are in exclusive use of supersport. These trademarks and domains may not be used in any case without the written consent of supersport.



D. Links to other sites

The Supersport Site may contain links (links) to other sites that have no links to the Site. Supersport does not control or monitor any actions taken by these other linked sites, on their content or their rules. Other possible links to other sites may in no case be construed as Supersport activity for their promotion or their published content.



The site may contain “cookies” that are not permanently stored on the User’s computer and do not appear by closing the link to the Site in order to allow Users to improve the use of the Site.

Users who do not prefer to receive cookies can adapt their applications on the computer in such a way that they are notified of the receipt or not of cookies and decide whether to accept them or not. Applications can be adapted from the beginning in the form of not automatically accepting all cookies. In this case, the User may not be able to access all the services available on the Site.


F. Limits of liability

The User assumes and in any case agrees that his entry and research into the Site is totally at his own risk and under his full and exclusive responsibility.

The user assumes and agrees that the Site is in its current form (as it is when he / she logs in) and may be temporarily unavailable for access or has defects or delays.

Supersport assumes no responsibility for the content, materials and / or information contained on the Site by other Users in the virtually defined locations which Supersport makes available to Users for an interactive use of the Site.

Supersport shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising in one way or another from the use or operation of the Site, including without limitation, any damages for loss of commercial interests, loss of weakness, cessation of activity, loss of commercial information and / or any kind of loss or damage to interests, except in cases of grave fault of Supersport.


G. Allegations of abuse

Users who have found any violation they deem inappropriate, offensive or vulgar are invited to notify Supersport immediately by completing a notification form for the violations found on the Site (by placing a mouse over the form).

The user is invited to make a responsible use of his notifications. The notifications that turn out to be unfounded and / or illegal will be the direct responsibility of the user against whom Supersport takes legal action as appropriate.


H. Applicable law

The legal terms are based on the Albanian legislation in force.